Detroit Bar Hopping

Think about some of the best times you've had to date. They've probably included good friends, a little bit of alcohol, and a great activity...right? There's one universal activity that fits this description, and its popularity isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We're talking about bar hopping, of course! Bar hopping, or pub crawling, is an activitiy where a group of friends enjoys the ambience, food, and drinks at one bar and then hops to the next, and the next. This goes on and on until you can't take it anymore! Bar hopping is a great way to see what the scene is like in the city that you're in. You'll have a chance to make some friends, try out some new drinks, get your fill of deliciously fried bar food, and absorb the good vibes. One of the best cities in the entire nation to do some bar hopping in happens to be the city of Detroit! Detroit is home to a plethora of bars, pubs, nightclubs, breweries, and other establishments that offer a good time for your night out. You're certain to have a great time checking out all of the interesting and unique spots to get a drink in Motown. We truly mean it when we say that there's something for everybody to enjoy...and there's a way to enjoy it that will impress all of your friends, as well. We're talking about renting a Detroit party bus or limousine for your next bar hopping experience in Detroit.

Our customers love to use our party buses for bar fact, it's probably the single most popular event that we service in metro Detroit. Party buses are the perfect bar hopping vehicle because you won't have to find a designated driver! There's no chance of those hefty legal fees from a DUI when a professional chauffeur is taking you wherever you'd like to go with their GPS equipped services. Not to mention, you and your friends will have a meeting spot in mind, which is much less confusing than trying to find each other at the end of a drunken night in Detroit. You simply can't beat the opportunities for fun that a party bus can bring to any event, but they're especially great for bar hopping because of the worries that will be swept from underneath your feet. Speaking of being swept from your feet, you're going to absolutely love the amenities that are included in our party they're more like mobile nightclubs than anything else. When you step on our buses you're going to enjoy polished wooden floor areas, spacious leather seating, dancing poles for entertainment, tinted windows, flat panel monitors with DVD inputs, bar areas complete with beverage accessories, dazzling colored lighting features, iPod and MP3 capable sound systems with subwoofers, and much more. We bet you're ready to book your party bus in Detroit after reading the possibilities for enjoyment that they be sure to give us a call as soon as possible!